Hello and welcome! My name is Kristeena Torres. Welcome to my Blog.  I am currently a school counselor working in my online business.  However, despite still having a full-time job I am devoted to growing my business.  I wanted to leverage social media to help save time.   I highly recommend utilizing attraction marketing for your business.  I would encourage you to utilize one Search Optimization Engine (SEO) for your business.   If you are not sure what any of those suggestions are, no worries   I am here to help.  I remember what it was first like when I first started.  

I would love to help you with 

  • Learning and Leveraging Attraction Marketing

  • Identifying Your Customer Avatar

  • How to Repurpose Content Like A Pro 

  • Encourage to utilize time blocking and having a DMO for working your business 

  • I also have a passion for helping tired moms to have mental clarity and be well-rested.