How to do your makeup in Five Minutes?

Mom Life Mom Hack How many products do you use daily to get ready?  I have never been a gal who used tons of makeup. I am all about taking care of my skin first. Makeup should be a choice not a need. I use […]

How to get engagement on live video

How to get 100 Comments on One Facebook Live Video Studies show that people will watch a video for at least the first minute or two. You need to have a catchy title to get them to click on your video. Quick few tips when […]

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms

I hope that you are having a blessed Mother’s Day! I was blessed to have two children. Now that my kiddos are older they usually wake up and make me breakfast. It’s a blessed day for sure. Time is precious and anything can change in […]

How to Market your Network Marketing Company

Do you remember what it was like when you first started your NWM company or online business? I was really excited when I first started my business I wanted to tell everyone about it. I thought everyone needed my products. If they had skin they […]

Time Management Tips

Here is the full video on these tips. Please let me know which tip you will implement. If you get value please subscribe to my channel. As a busy mom it can be hard to keep up with all things in your business.Let me know […]

You inspire people without knowing it.

Do you often feel like no one is paying attention to your post that you took so long to write out?  You feel your live video was priceless but you hardly got any engagement or views? Do you feel discouraged epeically because you worked your […]

The Biz Korner with Kristeena

The Biz Korner with Kristeena is my closed FB group for boss moms. Are a new biz owner, in your beginning phases? Or you stuck and want to recharge your business with online social media tips? If yes, then my group may may be for […]

Telling Your Brand Story

If you could sit down with your past self, what advise would you give? 🤔 If I could sit down with my past self, first I’d say girl God is going to shake up your world but hang in there his only changing your life […]

Productive Ideas To Do During Social Distancing

I recently did a FB live asking this one question? 🤔 What are you doing during these free time? I know it can be hard to find the motivation to keep working towards your goals. I am here to say this situation won’t be forever. […]

Tips to grow your audience

I wanted to share four tips to grow your audience online. If you are a business owner and want to grow your audience these simple tips are for you. Here are the Tips: The first thing to do when you start your business online is […]