Personal Branding Strategy

What is Personal Branding Strategy? Let me explain what a personal branding strategy is: It is basically who you are, what you are about, and what you stand for. What do you want to be known for by your audience? This is how you can […]

How to get engagement on live video

How to get 100 Comments on One Facebook Live Video Studies show that people will watch a video for at least the first minute or two. You need to have a catchy title to get them to click on your video. Quick a few tips […]

Network Marketing Tips for Beginners

When you first join your busienss Do you remember what it was like when you first started your NWM company or online business? I want to share network marketing tips for beginners. I was really excited when I first started my business I wanted to […]

The Biz Korner with Kristeena

The Biz Korner with Kristeena is my closed FB group for boss moms. Are you a new biz owner, in your beginning phases? Or are you stuck and want to recharge your business with online social media tips? If yes, then my group may be […]