How to Wake Up Refreshed and Energized

Do you need help with how to wake up refreshed and energized? I want to break down what I have used for the past nine months to help improve my overall health.   I use to feel crappy all the time, was always tired, and […]

Energy Boost Supplement

Need an energy boost supplement? Are you a mom in your early 40’s can’t sleep, and would love to lose weight? I share my journey as being a Women’s Health after 40. In today’s video, I break down what I have used for the past […]

Best Casual Dresses on Amazon

Today I went live on my Facebook Page and did my first try on haul. I shared the best casual dresses on Amazon. I selected a few dresses and shared them with my audience. I was super excited to do this because I don’t own […]

How to get energy fast

If you suffer from very low energy levels as I did, I am sharing tips I implemented in my life to help me feel more energized throughout my day. I’ve always been tired.  I’ve always tried different things to help me with my energy levels. […]

Best Detox for Weight Loss in 2021

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you if you choose to use my link. and if you do, I appreciate you! How to Have the Best Detox Cleanse for Weight Lost In […]

How to Generate an Additional Income

Want to learn How to generate an additional income stream. I want to suggest a strategy to increase your income in 2021. Add an additional income stream in 2021 for Pay down debt Have extra money to spend without feeling guility Have a diversified Income […]

Mom Burnout

A Mom’s Burnout Journey and Tips Are you tired of the mom burnout? As a mom, I have always lacked energy, sleep, and have to lose weight. Having my first child, my son young, my young body went right back into shape.   Having my second […]

How to Make Money During the Holidays in 2020

Need ideas to make extra money for the holidays?  I mean how does the year go so fast??  I usually start a little early for my shopping.  To be honest I have done all my shopping online in the past for few years now.  However, […]

Make Money Now Instant Payout- With Zazz Frebbies

Do you need an extra income stream? The holidays are coming up? Endless family birthday parties, or maybe you just plain need an extra income stream for your family. In this video I share what Zazz Freebies is and how you can make an extra […]

3 Things to Know About B-EPIC

Have you heard of B-Epic yet?  If you haven’t will you soon!  They have been recognized everywhere even global.  Yes that is right they started out in other countries  and now have entered the states.   I want to give you information on these three wonderful […]