Drink Water and Lose Weight

In this video, I share, how you can drink water and lose weight with a water solution for weight management, but how? You can make an easy weight management water solution in seconds. Adding B-Epic’s, BSlim tablets to your water will help you with, carvings, […]

Why I got started in this online journey?

My name is Kristeena Torres. As a single mom, I was looking to make an extra income. That is when I started in this online entrepreneur world. My struggles with non-marketing skills became frustrating and hard. At times I thought I would just quit. I knew that God did not […]

Happy 4th of July

I never thought I’d celebrate the 4th of July without going for a swim! LOL Even though it looks a little different than usual, I’m excited to spend time with my kiddos and family.  This year is definitely an Independence Day I won’t forget! What […]

How are you?

I know we all may be feeling down due to what’s going on in the world. Make time for family and create those precious moments. On the days you feel frustrated and wonder why you waste time showing up for your business. ….. let me tell you someone is watching […]