Creative Ways to Attract New Customers

If you are in the online space and wonder how to find creative ways to attract new customers, I am going to be completely honest with you; it’s not by always showing your products or services.  Or sharing the sale.   You really have to work deeper than that.  

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At the beginning of starting my online business, I really wasn’t sure how to work my business online. 

What I Did Wrong

  • I used graphic pictures of my products
  • I copied and paste messages my upline sent
  • I sent my link in messenger before asking permission.
  • I didn’t make true connections with my online community
  • I was only thinking of the sale

Can you relate to any of these?  So if you no longer want to be a spammer, or do things that make you feel yucky and tired of being a salesperson.  Then do this instead. Keep reading.

Pull in your Audience

Then learn how to pull your ideal client in to help them solve their problem.  Do you know who your ideal client is?  Now, this is key before you start writing up any post or message on your products or service.  You can work on this PDF to help you find the right person you want to help. 


Be a true storyteller.  Tell about you and your journey.  I share why I started this business. The real reason was for products for me and my daughter.  I saw how to make money online and how to get products paid for. I never ever intended to be a social seller.   Although my business looks different, being a storyteller is part of attraction marketing. You are allowing your community to know about you and see how you are doing.  

I invested in myself with my first mentor in Attraction Marketing. This was so I could show up on social media with value and benefits instead of just a salesperson. 

The myth of you can’t say your company’s name is false.  You definitely can.  People need to know what you do and how you can help them.  Utilize your stories and how-to videos to showcase products and services.  Again be a storyteller. Be the educator.  Share your testimonials & your customers too. 

Lives were very popular when I first started in this space.  Now we have REELS and Stories! Show your benefits in short-form videos.  Disclaimer when posting the benefits you still want to stay in these areas

Stay In These Areas of Focus

  • Encouraging/Empower
  • Entertain
  • Educate 
  • Engaging 

Share your products and all the knowledge in your stories & reels. Do this by adding education & using polls in stories.  Get that: like trust, factor from your community. 

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It will not happen overnight.  By showing up inspiring and educating others you will find the right people and grow your community.  I used to think everyone needed what I had with skin care. I mean why not everyone has skin right,  but it was premium skincare not everyone will spend that kind of money. So make sure you find the people who need your offer. 

Show up as your authentic self

Attract people to you your true fans.  Talk to your community as your previous self. The person who is needed and what you have to solve your problems.  YOU  NOW HAVE  the solution to what you needed. Relationship building can take some time.  Make true connections be a human first.  Learn about your community and when you start educating them on what you have they may pay more attention to you. 

Just be the raw you and continue to share your story.  

Here is My Story about me and my daughter, the beginning part of this journey.  You can watch that video HERE: 

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I hope this helps you in finding creative ways to attract new customers. If you are wanting to leverage your time and learn the beginning phases of automation watch my newest video here.

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