Daily Method of Operation Template

I share a simple Daily Method of Operation Template in this video and blog. This may be for busy moms and women in social selling. I highly encourage a working plan or schedule to get things done daily for your business.

Are you wondering how to get things done daily without that frustration and not being glued to your cell phone? Want to no longer need to respond to comments and messages in real-time right away? If this is you I hope the following tips help you.

Tips to Remember Daily

  • Run Stories daily with at least 5 slides
  • Post Daily
  • Engage with your Ideal Client. Do you know need to know how to find your Ideal Client? You can click the video here if you need help with that.
  • Request at least 20 friends daily
  • Do a Value Live Once a Week
  • Reply to comments
  • Reply to messages

Now, these are still action steps for you to work your business but when you have a to-do list of things to do it helps. Also, you make the time in your schedule when you can work on these items in your day. You pick. I suggest 30 minutes in one sitting or breaking it down to 15 minutes in the morning or 15 minutes in the evening. So let me be clear when having a DMO you only work in the time block suggestions you made for yourself. Set a time to do these action steps. Then move on with your day or evening. Get out of the habit of responding to comments and questions right away. You work on your time not others’ time.

If you are needing a guide to help you stay on task. Here is a simple guide to follow that is actual Income Producing Activities to work for your business. You can break these ideas out by morning and night. This will not take a lot of your time

Time block when it is best for you to implement these tips.

Below is a copy of various income-producing activities to implement morning and evening for your business. YOu can do these simple activities without being stuck to your phone. I also included a few more templates to help you.

You can grab yours below

A few More Reminders

Make sure to connect with people in your stories and give them true feedback. Also, engage with them on their post. This is a great way to learn about your potential customers. You can determine if they are your true Ideal Client. Also, friends request friends daily or follow new people on Instagram. Want to really stand out? Do a small introduction message to them. This is a message about you not trying to sell them your products.

To have success you have to be consistent daily. You can decide what time to do these small tips to move your business. Need more tips on posting read the full blog or watch the video here

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