What is Plunder Posse

What is Plunder?

In this blog, I share about Plunder Posse and Plunder Design. Plunder is an exclusive jewelry line that is faith-based and helps inspire others.  I fell in love with their jewelry and became a customer-first but eventually started to share my passion for this jewelry. 

Founder says:

My original pieces were one-of-a-kind, but also, there was only one of each kind. How could I share my creations with the world if there was only just one of each? We started looking into mass production and suddenly, the clouds parted and the light shined in! If I was going to share this, I wanted women of all walks of life to feel the ageless beauty that comes with wearing timeless pieces. By doing mass production we can accomplish just that! We keep our prices savvy and our customers happy!! And nothing is better than dressing yourself up in treasured, classic, and sensible pieces!

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Posse Subscription Box

I love the Posse Subscription Box because it is one flat rate that comes with a different 3 to 5 pieces of jewelry a month.  Plunder Posse is a jewelry subscription box that delivers on-trend pieces to your door each month. The best part is when you continue your subscription consistency every three months you receive customer rewards for utilizing what you like!  You can shop and starts yours here.   The good news is you can cancel at any time!!! 

Please Subscribe!  Learn about Plunder Design & Posse Monthly Box in the video Below

Watch my short video clip below on this month’s March 2022 Box!! March Posse

Watch Video Here

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