How to Style Jewelry

In this blog learn how to style jewelry. Ever wonder how you can enhance a simple outfit. Or how you can bedazzle a simple shirt and jeans.  For the upcoming holidays how about enhancing your outfit with dazzling jewelry.  

I use to be a plain girl in my outfits and the jewelry I wore.   I wore the same necklace and bracelet for years.  As time went on I fell in love with a jewelry line that I came across.  I felt my self-confidence go through the roof.  

Now I am excited to get layout my outfits before bed and get ready for the day. 

Here are some tips if you are a jewelry beginner and maybe you want to start off small. 

Simple things to know you can do with Jewelry 

  1. Jewelry can be for all Occasions
  2. Busy Patterns and Simple Jewelry Go Hand-in-hand
  3. Use Statement Earrings to Highlight your Face
  4. Jewelry Compliments Skin Tone
  5. White Pearls and sea colored clothes go hand in hand 
  6. Gold, black, & white= Sophistication   
  7. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your jewelry 
  8. Have fun with fall colors & mix in your jewelry 

Jewelry Beginner

  • Wear one pair of earrings in a small size
  • Start off by wearing one necklace but change it up daily.  You can wear short or long whatever your preference is. 
  • Add some bracelets if you are new to implementing jewelry you can never go wrong with wearing a colorful bracelet stack 

Be Dazzle your T-Shirt

  • When wearing a V Neck I suggest you can wear a long necklace or short one.  You can even wear both together.  That looks really cute
  • When wearing a rounded shirt you can wear a medium length necklace
  • Now if you are someone like me who loves all things graphic tees.  I highly suggest you wear a shorter necklace.  Reason being is when wearing graphic tess you don’t want to hide the words from your shirt.  So if you wear a shorter chain necklace it won’t hide the words. 
How to style jewerly

Dazzle up your Holiday Outfits 

As I write this blog Thanksgiving is around the corner then Christmas and New Year’s.  If you are like me I love to wear dresses and boots for the holidays.  So why not go all out and wear up that jewelry.  

  • With black dresses or solid color dresses wear a sparkly necklace that are diamond inspired with matching diamond looking earrings or silver big earrings.  For bracelets you can keep the silver inspiration going and wear silver bracelets.  You can implement these suggestions with gold style if you prefer weairng gold.
  • Animal print is very in right  now.   This Thanksgiving I am wearing a Cheetah dress.  Here is the dress I am wearing this year.   So when wearing those animal prints don’t blend in the same color jewelry. Enhance it go bold and use your favorite colors.  For example, with my Cheetah dress I can wear any types of mustard, burgundy, green, or navy blue colors of earrings along with a beautiful colored stack bracelet set. 

Final Tips

Now, these are suggestions you can wear anything you want but if you need a starting point I hope these simple tips help.  I am part of a subscription box of jewelry that is under 30 dollars with shipping and taxes. If you would like to get inspired and start your own collection you can look here for more information.  Please reach out to me at any time over on my Instagram Account @ Kristeena Lozano Torres By being a member you get free rewards to spend every three months.  If you would like to take a look at the whole website you can browse it here. 

Here is a video I did on my subscription box and how to enhance your t-shirts.  Watch the videos here.  Also here is a cute Shorts Video from Youtube on my fav March Box

If you are a busy mom like me and need confidence this blog is for you.   Jewelry can make you feel sophisticated and give you that confident spark you may need.  I am all about helping tired busy moms be energized to get their spark back.

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I hope to inspire you, friend.  I would love to know what jewelry tip you will implement right away.  Did you learn how to style jewelry?

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