Early Christmas Shopping Tips

How does the upcoming holiday season make you feel? I will share early Christmas shopping tips. Are you someone who gets excited about the holidays and get presents in advance?   Or are you like the old me, get stressed and worry about where you will get the money to get your presents bought?

As a single mom, I can totally relate, when my kiddos were younger I remember putting gifts on a credit card.  I never had the extra money to buy in advance and plan for.  I want to give you some tips on how you can make a plan of action to get some items. I think most people do a lot of their shopping online. It is so convenient.  I love shopping good old Amazon.   

Early Christmas Shopping Tips

Below are steps to get organized and start shopping a little early to feel less stressed. 

  • Know your Budget
  • Write a list of who you are buying for
  • Next to their names write some items down that you know they will enjoy.  
  • Now this planning can start as early as July.  
  • One of the goals I started doing was buying one gift at a time every time I got paid. 

I have to admit the only problem with that is I forget where I put things sometimes.  After you have your list and know what kind of items to get.   Start shopping wherever you like and one gift at a time.  Doing this takes the stress off the shopping for the holidays.  

Moms Helping Moms

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