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I created a group to help empower busy moms like me. I hope this self-confidence message helps you. You might have lost yourself throughout the journey of being busy moms and women. I became a single mom when my kids were little and had to rebuild our lives for the better.  Through a lot of obstacles but with family and faith I am here to say we pulled through.   I have accomplished a lot for my little family.   

During my younger years, I didn’t have the best confidence.  I lost myself and forgot to love what I saw in the mirror.  However, I pulled through and found a passion to help all the busy moms who were like me. I want them to find themselves again and become the best versions of themselves.  

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I have created a group that was raving but unfortunately, I lost my main FB page and had to restart over.  So instead of giving up, (granted I wanted to),  I re-opened an old group of mine that I had,  and just kept going. 

In this group, I show fashion tips. and have a 3-day replay of videos on how to grow your confidence.  All these tips I have implemented show my love for all things jewelry. I do sprinkle in confidence journey. 

I mean why not show all the things that have helped me be where I am today? Right?  We all share our favorite shops and stores, so why not show what has made me a happier person?  If I can re-gift that to you, I feel that I am helping others. 

I hope to inspire you, with this self-confidence message.   Here is a YouTube Video I did on Confidence Tips.  Watch the Video Here

Join my community and let’s get to know each other.  Believe me when I say I am rooting for you friend.  Click to join my Community Here

If you are interested in learning about being a Social Seller WATCH MY VIDEO HERE and let’s see if this may be a fit for you!!!!

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