Benefits of Coffee In the Morning

Are you someone who needs coffee in the morning to get your day started? Why not drink coffee that will give you health benefits.  Learn about my morning coffee: Mojo Coffee or Chocolate option that helps with energy, mood balance, mental focus, and burns calories.

I started this coffee because it gives all these health benefits that I am needing, especially energy.  This Coffee is from Tranont. It is also super affordable.  If you are not a coffee fan there is a chocolate option too.  The best part is there is a creamer that helps burn fat and enhances the already delicious coffee or chocolate.

What are the benefits of coffee

More Benefits of Mojo Coffee

Mojo  Coffee has natural caffeine, amino acids, and green tea. These key ingredients help you get all the benefits of our energizing nutrition without the jitters or anxiety.   Have you ever tried a coffee that gave you the jitters?   This one will not.  It also can potentially improve focus.

Super Easy to Make

To make your mojo coffee is super simple.  Add a scoop of mojo coffee (or if you are not a coffee drinker there is a chocolate alternative) add a scoop of creamer to at least 12 oz of water.  Warm-up your water and mix it. You have your morning hot coffee with these benefits. You can have it iced for a cold coffee.   Either way, it gives great benefits and tastes delicious,  

If you would like to try the  Mojo Coffee/ Chocolate check it out Here

Another option is to watch my recent video where I go over how to make your mojo coffee. 

Click to watch VIDEO here

Either one you try you will give you these needed benefits.  I love these Mojo Coffee Benefits.  You get to pick;  Coffee or Chocolate either one will help you get your boosted energy, mental focus, burn calories, & help your mood balance.  You can take it in the morning to get your day started or for a late pick me up as an iced drink. Another great option we have if you are not a coffee or chocolate fan is lemonade with the same benefits. You can shop health products here:

Learn my journey on being a tired mom and things I have done to help myself. 

Read the full blog here:

These are some recent coffee cups that I recommend for your morning coffee.

I also am enjoying the Medical Grade Liquid Collagen too. It is super simple to take and helps with brittle hair and nails, helps wrinkles and skin, helps loosen the skin, and cellulite. This also is stable in my routine. Here is a video I recently shared about Glow. Watched that video HERE

There have been so many things I have done to get in the right mindset to be a better version of myself for my family. To be happier and really just trying to be healthier overall. This all takes time and consistency.

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