How to Improve Your Gut Health Naturally

First Tip

I will share with you how to improve your gut health naturally in these tips.

My first tip is for you to implement a probiotic & prebiotic daily. I use a three-step vitamin system that I rave about. It has helped my gut health, energy, and cravings. I’m just been an overall better person. My gut vitamin has probiotic, prebiotic enzymes to break everything down to help your gut health.

Here is a full blog with more information here. 

Second tip

Getting fully rested having six to eight hours of sleep is also going to help you.  When you wake up you feel a little agitated and moody when you don’t get enough sleep.  It also can inflame your gut.  This is why it can be a little bloated.  Seriously have an adult bedtime to get your needed rest.

Third Tip

Help your stress levels it can hurt and hinder your gut health. We all have stress. Having techniques and little things can improve your stress levels.

  • Exercise
  • Working out with a friend
  • Riding a bike
  • Jogging 
  • Walking
  • Running

Fourth Tip 

Try breathing techniques.  Try breathing in and out it helps calm you down. As a school counselor, I would use the box breathing exercise with my younger students.  This can calm you down too.  Watch the video for a visual example of box breathing.  Don’t forget about meditation, prayer, and yoga is really good for stress too.

Fifth Tip

Do your best to eat healthy foods. Pick better alternatives when you are meal planning and snacking. When you plan ahead with a grocery list and menu. It really helps you stay focused and make better choices.

Here is a Blog I recently did on Energy levels to help busy moms.  You can watch the full blog here.  Don’t forget to  

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