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Need an energy boost supplement? Are you a mom in your early 40’s can’t sleep, and would love to lose weight? I share my journey as being a Women’s Health after 40. In today’s video, I break down what I have used for the past nine months to help improve my overall health.   I use to feel crappy all the time, was always tired, and never felt rested.   Being in my early 40’s I felt defeated and let all my emotions get the best of me.  

I finally found the solution to my problems. 

  • I am no longer tired
  • I sleep through the night
  • I wake up feeling rested
  • I detox while I sleep
  • I am such a happier person
  • I get up energized
  • I stopped taking naps
  • I have lost weight
  • I am now buying new clothes

Here is a blog I did on my most recent Amazon Haul for a few spring dresses!  It was so much fun.  Read the blog or watch the video here: 


This journey has been such an experience for me.  I know that there are plenty of tired moms out there with the same problems I was having.  That is why I am so ambient about helping moms who the same struggles.  I call myself a former tired mom.  I want you to be too.  I want this for you if you want it. 

Do the Work

Now of course no magic vitamin is going to give you all the things you want.  You definitely have to work for it too.  I was a cherry Pepsi addict.  I no longer drink pop.  I kicked that habit goodbye months ago.  I do still enjoy my Mexican food and french fries I eat all my favorite things in moderation and mostly on the weekends.  I started meal prepping, cooking more, and working a few days out of the week.  I even hike with my daughter and sister’s family once a week. 


You do have to make some changes to get the benefits you fully want. Nothing comes easy when we make changes.  If it was easy we all would be doing it, right? My daily vitamins are super easy to implement for busy moms like me.  I save time taking a vitamin in the morning and two at night that gives me full health benefits.  I no longer need to rush to make shakes or smoothies.  

My am routine consist of taking my green vitamin that gives daily energy, enhances my mood, has fruits and veggies, and gives mind focus.  You do need to drink plenty of water daily.  You can take right in the morning with or without food.  It totally depends on you.

In the evening one hour before bed I take my purple and white pill.  The purple one contains probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes to break all the things down.  This is part for your gut health.  It helps give you a mild detox while you sleep.   The white pill is what helps you sleep and get up feeling fully rested.  

Most recently I also started taking a tablet that helps weight, energy, stress, and curbs cravings.  Here is my blog on that. Read it here. 

Watch the full video here where I explain my journey and break down each vitamin.  Please subscribe to my channel if you get value. 

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What benefit would be most beneficial to you for Energy Boost Supplement?

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