How to Use B-Slim Tablets

I have really struggled with my weight.  Have you?  I want to share my mom journey. I have tried so many things to help with my weight but I finally found my secret sauce.  This is why I can’t hold my excitement and want to share this with you.  Learn how to make a weight loss water in seconds? This is super easy with B-Slim water tablet. Learn how to use B-Slim Tablets. This is helping weight management, decreases your appetite, & gives energy.  It also helps your stress levels and with carb cravings too. 

You can take the tablet before breakfast or before dinner but it has to be at least 30 minutes before you eat.  You decide when you want to take it, as for me  I want these benefits to last me all day so I take it in the morning.  

Ingredients in B-Slim

This product only contains two ingredients African Mango and Ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha helps stress levels & energy, it also helps you be not so edgy. African Mango helps with weight control and suppresses your appetite.  Of course, it is a mongo flavor. I can personally share and say its a good in flavor and taste delicious.

It is so super easy to make this simple water solution.  You simply throw the table in your water and it dissolves.  Then you drink it up.  It does take a few minutes for it to dissolve. Watch my full video where I explain this information in detail and show how to make your own B-Slim water weight management solution in seconds.  Learn how to use B-Slim Tablets.

Here is another recent blog I did on B-Slim. You can read the full blog here. The good thing is you can consume B-Slim alone or you can add along with the 3 Pill System.  You will definitely get more benefits using vitamins and tablets together. 

Product testers used B-Slim tablets in a 10 weeks period and the testers lost about 27 pounds. Now again nothing’s going to cure you, nothing’s going to make you wipe away those pounds, you do have to implement better choices. What I mean is moderate activity and also still watching what you eat.

I share and rave about three-step vitamins that helped what literally helped me no longer be a tired mom that had helped my energy levels. Watch the full video here

I hope this information helps you and gets you excited to know there is a product that is super easy to use to get the results that you may need.

Kristeena Torres xoxo

How use B-Slim
How use B-Slim

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