Social Media Content Ideas

Do you ever wonder what the heck am I am going to post today on my social media feed?  When in doubt you might not even post because you are lost what to post.  Can you relate to any of these frustrations when coming up with social media content ideas? Trust me I have been there too. I can totally relate.

First thing I want to share to just be you.  You are a  human first before you are an influencer, product server, or service provider.  Once you start this easy strategy to implement you will not miss a day of posting.  

First Tip

Think about who you are, what you want to be known for, and what you stand for.  Think about at least three to five ideas about you.  These are called bucket ideas, themes, brand pillars, categories.   They all mean the same.  Right some things down that you enjoy sharing about yourself and what you provide for your ideal client. 

If you need ideas on how to find your ideal client you can click one of my videos here and grab my free PDF to create your ideal client. 

After jotting down ideas about what and what you are willing to share with your audience only post about those key points  If they do not fit into these bucket ideas then do not post about them. 

Video Outline and Ideas

In my latest YOUTUBE Video, I share this activity and go through my own examples.   If you would like to try this activity for yourself please watch my video and get some ideas for you to grow and get to know your audience. 

Learn how easy it is to get to create your Content Bucket Ideas.  I encourage you to try to come up with five total so you have something to post daily Monday-Friday.  Listen to the full video to find out what I suggest for you to post on the weekends.  


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If you want more ideas on how to post on social media Here is my blog on How to Post on Social Media to Find Customers.

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Social Media Content Ideas
Social Media Content Ideas

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