How to Style Jewelry

In this blog learn how to style jewelry. Ever wonder how you can enhance a simple outfit. Or how you can bedazzle a simple shirt and jeans.  For the upcoming holidays how about enhancing your outfit with dazzling jewelry.   I use to be a plain girl […]

Liquid Collagen Benefits

How Collagen Can Help You Do you need help with healthier skin? Want glowing skin that is firmer? Need Smoother Skin Texture? Want Healthier and long hair and nails? Minimize your Pores Want more youthful radiant skin Get hydrated skin What is Collagen  Collagen is a […]

Self Confidence Message

Confidence Help I created a group to help empower busy moms like me. I hope this self-confidence message helps you. You might have lost yourself throughout the journey of being busy moms and women? For me, I became a single mom when my kids were […]

Teacher Gift Guide

Here is a fun simple teacher gift guide. As a former teacher and currently a school counselor, I wanted to make suggestions for gifts for teachers.  These suggestions can be all year round, for holidays and teacher appreciation days.  There are always certain essentials teachers […]

Summer Essentials List

Hey my friend I want to share with you these affordable summer essentials list. Suggested items are from Amazon & my favorite online beauty one-stop shop.  There are always certain essentials we need for the summer.  The best thing is that these are all affordable. […]

Gift Guide for Her Amazon Dresses

Today I want to share the Best Dresses Gift Guide for Her Amazon Dresses. Summer is finally here and who doesn’t love dresses?? Am I right?  Throughout the last year in my journey, I have felt more confident than I have in a long time!! […]

Best Casual Dresses on Amazon

Today I went live on my Facebook Page and did my first try on haul. I shared the best casual dresses on Amazon. I selected a few dresses and shared them with my audience. I was super excited to do this because I don’t own […]

Social Media Content Ideas

Do you ever wonder what the heck am I am going to post today on my social media feed?  When in doubt you might not even post because you are lost what to post.  Can you relate to any of these frustrations when coming up […]