How To Be A Successful Single Mother

My story of How to be a successful single mother. My name is Kristeena Torres. This is my story of how being a single mom who needed more for my family and how I started in the online space.  As a single mom, I was looking to make an extra income. That is when I started in this online entrepreneur world. My struggles with non-marketing skills became frustrating and hard. At times I thought I would just quit. I knew that God did not bring me on this journey for no reason. That is when I invested in myself to get the knowledge, I needed to work my business online.

I’m a mom of two, my kiddos are older now.  We are natives of Arizona and love it here. I especially love the long summers.  I am hoping to inspire busy moms like me who need to fill their cups filled. Being a mom is not easy especially when you do it on your own. With the grace of God and family, anything is possible.  I am wanting to give all moms encouragement, faith, and strategies.  My true passion is helping moms or ones who want to get unstuck.   Know you are capable of anything you put your mind to. Things in my business have changed since I started. However, my passion and willingness to learn new things stay the same.

The biggest reason I keep going even on the hard days is for my kids. I hope you join me at my blog where I share wellness and online marketing tips. Welcome to my journey and I hope to inspire you. 

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A Mom Who Didn’t Give Up

Here is a video I did to share my journey of not giving up! How I overcame that long obstacle of life changes but continue to make changes for the better. If you are interested in what I do please feel free to watch this video HERE


I know it is hard to be a single mom now at days. My kiddos are older now but I don’t forget the days when they were younger. Those days seem harder, but now they are just older living their own little lives. I can’t tell you how to be a Successful Single Mother, but I can encourage prayer, patience, and love even on the hard days.

A Few Tips

  • Take care of yourself
  • Work on your Mindset
  • Communicate
  • Have Faith
  • Keep trying don’t give up
  • Find something you are passinonate about
  • Meal Plan and get ideas from your kids
  • Get the kids involved in the grocery list
  • Make random nights out for ice ceam
  • Make time for your kiiddos especially when they are little. Don’t feel guility when you take time for yourself

MY story of how to be a successful mom is I went back to school got my degrees, and have a profession in education as a school counselor. At times that is not enough that is why I started in the online space. I can get those little extra things without feeling guilty or worried. I am not sure what you may need may be extra for the groceries or cell phone. Or just extra for the wants, not the needs. You can figure it out I believe in you. So at the timing of this blog, I work full time and still continue to work in the online space. Remember I am rooting for you.

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