Pinterest Strategy for Beginners-Holiday Marketing

Pinterest Strategy for Beginners

In this blog, I am sharing a Pinterest Strategy for Beginners-Holiday Marketing with you. Do you have a Pinterest Strategy for Beginners.? Did you know Pinterest is more then than finding your favorite recipe? You can utilize it for your online business, especially during the holidays.
Simple steps can get more eyeballs to your products and services.

Pinterest can be used for your business without having a blog. Why use Pinterest? It is search engine optimization, also known as SEO. People are looking for a solution to their problems every day.

  • A certain recipe
  • A makeup look
  • A makeup idea
  • Lose weight
  • Fast workouts for busy moms
  • Tops for more energy throughout your day
  • How to have more time in your day as a busy mom

Why not learn how to use keywords to be found by your ideal customer. In this video, I share how you can utilize Pinterest without a blog and how your ideal client can come to you. This is the Pinterest Strategy for beginners.

Pinterest Boards

In my second video; I also show how to make boards for your Pinterest account. These boards are images of your products or services. You can use various stock pictures. Some sites for ideas to get stock photos are,, and

Best practices are to have ave at least two to five boards to get you started. Two or three can be products or services related to your offer. The other boards will be something about your or your interest. Examples could be, gardening, professional development books, mom inspiration, or keto recipes. You can watch that video here.

Again, attempt to try this simple process because if you set up this process up the right way, you can be found unlimited times throughout the year, not just the holidays. This is so different than just posting on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t get lost in the algorithm. These types of platforms are social, don’t constantly blast your products or services, this is considered interruption marketing. Learn curiosity marketing and not how to spam with other videos on my YouTube channel. YouTube and Pinterest are intended marketing. Again your ideal client is looking for what they need.

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How to create a Pinterest Pin

Find how to to use the right keywords and SEO for your Pins

In my third video series on Pinterest, learn how to create a Pinterest Pin utilizing Keywords and SEO words related to your network marketing products. I go in-depth details on how to find certain SEO words when you are looking for the right words for your offer. This video shows these simples steps. I utilize canva. Canva is super simple to use you do not need to be an expert. The best tip I can end with is when thinking of the solution you have to offer, find a long keyword description. This will help you niche down. Try to create at least three pins and pin them to your relevant boards. In video two I show how to pin your beautiful designed pins to your boards. Watch the third video in this series here. So I hope this helps you get a strategy for Beginners-Holiday Marketing

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