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Best Supplements for Health with B-Epic

If you are wondering what are the best supplements for your health, then look no further. Here is my B-Epic Review with Elev8 and Acceler8. Oh. My. Goodness! A life changer for me. If you are a hot mess mom like me, a busy mom who needs energy, who needs less chocolate in their life, then this message is for you. 

There are three supplements that I take throughout the day with B-Epic.  This is a simple three step process. In the past, I’ve taken 5-6 vitamins a day. Trying to get all my water, throwing them into my mouth… then there’s this.  It is so easy. You are only taking one in the day/when you’re starting your morning, the other two are at night before bed.  

This first supplement is green.

You will take your first pill in the morning with food.  I wake up, have breakfast, take my pill.  This one is going to give you energy, mom energy!  It is also going to help your cravings with coffee, with sugar cravings, assist in brain clarity, it’s going to help lift your mood and help your stress.  During the day you want to have enough water.  I have a water bottle and I fill it up all day, throughout my day in order to keep track of my water intake.  I also eat a little bit better.  You can still have certain foods, but some people take vitamins and don’t change anything and still see results.  If you want to change- eating healthier, drinking more water, and some exercise would increase your overall health. These are the best supplements for health by far.

At night, an hour or two before  bed

Take the purple and white supplements. The purple vitamin helps with detox.  It also helps with your gut health, digestive support, and it also has pro prebiotics and probiotics.  The white vitamin helps with sleep.  You will wake up well-rested, less foggy, & it assists in mood imbalances.

I take these three simple supplements with water and drink at least eight to sixteen ounces of water when I take them and of course, drinking water throughout the day.  I would recommend less caffeine; to be honest, you may feel like you do not need it.  I have heard others mention they needed to have coffee to get started with their day, until B-Epic.  For me personally, I have never needed or depended on my coffee, but I do enjoy coffee. 

I wanted to try these supplements because I needed help with my energy, for my clarity of mind, to help decrease those sugar cravings, and to help my stress as a single mom.  I saw a difference and you will see it too. 

If you’re a busy mom like me, you are wanting a healthier you, mind clarity, improve your gut health, better sleep, a better you for you and your family- these supplements may be for you.   Here is another blog post about B-Epic supplements. 

The whole reason I started this wellness journey with B-Epic is that was sick of being tired. I lack energy so badly. This has gone on for years. I no longer wanted to feel the way I was feeling. I made the decision to take charge and make some changes. Here is an updated video I did showing healthy results when implementing these vitamins properly.

See the video here: Lose Weight with B-EPIC

Video Below is How to Take B-Epic Supplements. If you’d like more information, I would love for you to connect with me here.

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