Attraction Marketing Strategy

What is an Attraction Marketing Strategy and how can that help you in YOUR business?


That’s why that word’s there… you’re going to attract your ideal client or customer, that is part of the attraction marketing strategy, but you also have to believe in yourself,  what you have to offer, and be consistent.  Sometimes as business owners we’re not consistent.  We might do good for a week, we might stop for two months, and then we want to get back to it.  Even when we don’t feel like anything’s paying off, if you’re consistent with these simple tips you will get people attracted to you.  

Okay, so if you’re someone who’s posting consistently about your product and you’re hearing crickets then I want you to look at what you’re doing.  Are your posts only about your products/services? Do you post constantly about your sales,? Always about “me, me, me”?  You need to know your audience.   Your information value is to your customer avatar.  If you don’t know who your customer avatar is, it’s basically the ideal client of your targeted audience.   

  1. You definitely do not want to speak to everyone; not everyone wants your product or service.  I know, I used to think everyone wanted my product too but that’s definitely not the case.   That’s why you want to narrow it down, know your target audience, and then you can describe what you can and how you can help them. 
  1. Show up daily & give information.  How do you show up?  Well, you post daily about your product/service.   Show what your service is or what the products do for people.  Be a storyteller.  Instead of   “Hey, I have this bottle of skincare here, it’s only $89, and it’s gonna last you four months” versus  “This little bottle helps my daughter with her acne! It helped her smile,  it helped her look in the mirror, she’s no longer sad, and she now has glowing skin”.  

Which story would you want to listen to or hear about?   The second one, right?   That’s how you want to attract people.  Give the story,  how did this product help someone you know, show how to use the product/service, show results, how to implement this service/products into your lifestyle .  Being a storyteller is key  to your target audience.  

Now, this method of attraction marketing strategy may not happen overnight for you that’s why it is important to be consistent.  If you are consistent and give true value, the people who you want to help give these benefits to will come to you! That’s the whole thing about attraction marketing,  your leads will come to you because you are doing tips to benefit your customer avatar.  You attract the right person to you.  It will happen over time.  If you no longer want to be a salesperson and what you’re doing is not working then I encourage you to try these simple little tips.  See how that works for you.

If you need help narrowing down who your customer avatar is grab my PDF template will you figure out who your audience is and why.

You may want to check out this FB Live I repurposed onto YouTube on “How to Find Your Customer Avatar” here is the Full Video Link here. I hope this helps you.

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