What to Look for When Joining a Network Marketing Business

Hi guys, it’s Kristeena Torres, welcome!  I am hoping to inspire online busy boss moms with business tips, specializing in utilizing videos along with wellness and lifestyle. Today I wanted to give some information for those considering network marketing/online business and answer some questions you might have for yourself.

I recently did a similar video and wanted to revamp with some extra tips I learned through my own experience since then.  I had some updates I wanted to share with my audience.

I’ll also link the previous video here

First, let’s discuss costs:

How much will it cost you?  What is the monthly obligation?  What is the monthly obligation out of your own pocket?  What is the startup amount?  Is there a requirement in order to keep up your business?

Is there a website cost?  Do you love the products?  How do you feel about their community?

Each business can vary.  One business can cost as low as 20 dollars to start, or as much as a couple of hundred, or even up to thousands.  It does depend on what we consider and different business kit options.  Some businesses give you a free website, while others may charge.  After answering these questions for yourself then ask yourself can you afford this financially and make this monthly commitment

Second, let’s discuss products and services:

Onto products and services.  If you are using the business products then of course, this is something that is going to be useful for you and your family.  This is definitely something to look into.  If you love the products, then you have your own testimony. No need to be a magazine, the love you have for the products, sharing your knowledge will definitely have your audience interested without having to “sell” anything. Other ways to share information is by tagging  people who have shown interest in your product or program, add them to an informative group.  Make sure to take the time to send messages and follow up.  Also, no need to share product names.  The product is the focus not the name.  Also, be aware- some companies do have specific guidelines of what can be posted online.  Either way this will draw an audience and bring in curiosity.  Use those social media platforms including videos for Pinterest and Youtube. People are using these search engines to find the products/service you are providing.

Thirdly this is important let’s discuss:

Another thing, I feel this is very important…  Well, let’s get real… close and personal:  What kind of community are you going to be a part of? How important is that to you?  What kind of support are you going to get? These questions are also very important and true.  #sorrynotsorry if this offends anyone, but network marketing does get a bad name due to the way others portray their businesses.  We’ve seen spammers, seen those who seem to be only about the sale, the “hey 25% off my monthly special… like no one cares guys!  I will be the first to raise my hand. Yep, I did that when I first started my online journey.   After realizing this, it made me feel yucky.  After a while I knew something else had to give.  That’s when I started getting a mentor.  I bought different courses to help me learn about attraction marketing, how to brand myself, and all that jazz.

Also, get into a group of people who you want to work with. Get with people who motivate you and who understand where you’re coming from.  Find something that warms your heart.  Some people’s goals in this journey is to make a couple of hundred dollars, maybe they just want to pay a house bill or car payment, and others want their business to replace their current income and get out of a job they might not like.  As a leader who is growing a team you can ask these questions so we know who to focus on.  You know who to work with and then make sure to help them in their goals.  You definitely want to be part of a team.  As a leader to support and be open to different personalities and goals and as a team member you want a leader who can be this way.

If you are curious about how to Brand Yourself or Attraction Marketing I do have videos linked here. Along, with those topics as well as a Free simple PDF here for you to learn about your target audience.

Don’t overthink. Not everyone wants your product and that is okay.  There will be a few people who will be your target audience / ideal clients who want your information.  Find what is best for you. You be You!  Keep rocking it.

One last thing I want to discuss:

Make sure to ask how you allowed to promote your products?

  • Are you able to the name of the company?  You do not want to say the name of the company often though, but when you do, are you allowed?
  • Are you able to give your audience an call to action to follow up with your offer?
  • How much can you share because,  some companies do have guidelines where you are not allowed to do certain things.
  • Are you able to do videos on your products or service?

You definitely want to make sure, what those policies and procedures are.  These key points can be crucial how you run  your business and how successfully you might be.  I feel for me in my experience in videos, are key for your business.   You can post on social media on Instagram or Facebook, but videos get higher reach then regular post. On YouTube it is a search engine people are looking for your product or services. On Pinterest it is a search engine too.  So you want to make sure that you can create a beneficial video for your audience to serve the purpose you have.  I highly encourage for you to know the guidelines and regulations before you make a decision on what company to join.  Curious how much live videos impacts your reach, here is a video I did on this topics Click Here for Video

If you have any questions or want information about what I do / programs I am about I would love to connect with you!  My messenger box is always open.  Take care & God bless!

I share an opporunity that is working for me and it may be a fit for you too.

Here is my most recent YouTube videos where I share this information.

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