Do you need anything to start your first video?

What do you actually need to start that first video for your business? You just need a few things to get your first video started, but seriously you do not need much to get started.

In this video I share what you can start with

  • Of course your cell phone that is the easiest way to get started. Make sure to have your cell phone positioned horizontally for YouTube and Facebook videos; vertical for IGTV and Insta stories
  • Tripod or books to keep your phone steady
  • Natural Light face the light not behind it. You can get a ring light later
  • Your cell phone has a built in microphone you can use a small mic or earbuds for better sound but not necessary

Remember videos are the fastest way to grow your audience. Your audience will get to know you, hear you, and get to know your personality.

Apps to use to make your videos more professional are Inshot and Power Director. These apps are for Android users. If you have an IPhone, you can look up apps that are a best fit. I do very small editing, definitely a beginner. You do not have to worry about editing when you first get started.

Here is a simple outline to start your videos.

Hook – What is your video going to be about

Intro – Your name and how you help your audience

Tips– What value are you giving

Call to Action – Where do you want them to go next? Message your, get on your email list? A closed group? Let them know where.

Grab my Outline Guide here:

Don’t forget to be confident, smile, and remember someone is looking for you.

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Take care and God Bless


Here are the links to the videos that I mentioned

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Take care and God Bless

Kristeena Torres

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