How to change your mindset

In today’s blog  I’m going to share tips how to help you with you with your mindset. These tips will help  you for your business and life in general.

First Tip: 

The first tip I want to share is one thing that I implemented into my daily life. Do not pick up your cell phone right when you get up in the morning. Have a  cell phone free zone until start some of your morning routines. Get ready for the day,  wash up, shower, or whatever it is you do your daily. Drink your coffee or hot tea. Basically get your self ready in the morning  before you pick up that phone and get on  social media. One thing that I definitely do for me  daily; I  have my cup of coffee with a protein powder that I love. I  utilize every day to help me with my energy.  It definitely helps my energy shift &  helps me get motivated daily. I am no longer a  tired mom. Then after you are settled you can check your messages, social media, and emails. You will be ready to tackle what awaits you.

Second Tip:

Start your morning with prayers or meditation. You can also implement  yoga and exercise. These ideas can help  uplift your mood.   You can also journal, your thoughts before you get your day started.   If you’re someone who is in the Catholic faith I highly recommend the Rosary of Liberation.  That book has truly gotten me though some tough times.

These things can help you be in a different mind-frame.  Also another thing you can is download any kind of apps for inspiration.  For example, the bible app, biblical quotes whatever best fits your  needs  for your mindset. I highly recommend you do that and read them in the morning. 

You might be thinking when will I have time to do these tips?   When you wake up for that morning run or have your morning coffee you can implement the reading. If you work out you can do the same. Sometimes as busy moms we  just have to multitask because we’re we have we’ve learned how to multitask. These are just some simple key points you can   implement daily.

Third Tip: 

Last tip I’m going to share with you is for you to listen to music. Music is inspirational. Listen to whatever your favorite music is. Every song has a meaning and calls to your heart.  Listen to whatever will lighten you up and  uplift you. Listen to music in the morning while you’re making that coffee or hot tea. 

You can even listen to your favorite music when you are keeping busy. Eighties music is my favorite! That music will definitely get me uplifted.  I would like to know what is your favorite music?  Drop it here in the comments.  

Do what you feel will  work for you.  Start your day with inspiration. These are just some simple tips for you to implement to start your day positive.  Find whatever it is that you love to help you  with your energy shift because without the energy flow without the positivity we will not have that mindset to do what we need to do for business and for our family. 

Key Tip:

I am sure you have heard this before. Whatever your thoughts  are about in the morning is how your day is going to be. Get up and say y hey I’m grateful for another day. Then you will be grateful and probably have a good day.  If you wake up in a rut and think oh this is gonna be

an awful day, it will be an awful awful day. Stay with a  positive mindset  and give yourself the positive vibes to have good days.  Don’t stay in a rut and have hard days for yourself.  This is a key tip. 

I hope these tips  helped you.  If you got value from this blog I would love for you to comment below. 

If  you want to know about what I do I would love to connect with you! Find me on social we can connect.

I actually have art gallery wall in my room displayed in my house with inspirational quote signs. This is a good way to utilize quote signs to help you with daily mindset and inspiration.

Take care God Bless



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