How to post on social media to find customers

Tips how to Attract Customers to Your Business

5 tips how to attract people to your business. In this video I share 5 tips how to attract people to your business. These tips will help you pull people into your message on your product or service instead of pushing them away. Learn the 5 tips to attract people to your business.

1st Tip

Show your audience how you work your business- Show how you work your own schedule. For example on your cell cell phone, on the lap top, from home. Perhaps when kids are still asleep. If you are a morning person work your business in the morning or at night if you are a night owl. Work on your own time. Tell your story of how.

2nd Tip

Share Why you work your business to your audience

Why do you continue even on the hard days. Show your audience why: If your why is your family; capture a picture at home together. Explain you never miss this precious moments

3rd Tip

Show your tribe and community. People are looking for that. If you still have a 9 to 5 we need to be professorial but it doesn’t mean you like everyone one. When you are looking for customers and business partners you get to pick who you want to work with. You definitely want to be around people who you enjoy spending time with. You can make so many connections through the online space. Share your online meetings, introduce your team or your up line to your audience. Show everyone’s accomplishments.

4th Tip

Show your Rewards you get for your hard work. I know you may feel embarrassed or don’t want to seem that you are bragging. This is not the case, you want to show you are hard worker and show what your get for working hard. I am helping people and changing their lives. Don’t think you are bragging you are showing your hard work ethics

5th Tip

Show people’s success, not just yours your up line and customers.

Share how you solve your customers problems. You are a problem solver. Give confidence back to your customers. Please don’t be a spammy tammy.

Sharing testimonials, goals, results, and personal development display show success in various ways.

If you take these ideas you have 5 types of post topics to utilize weekly. I encourage to post at least once a day.

With these examples these are Five Post Ideas no excuses not to post!! Get oragized and always have some type of notebook to keep your notes.

Grab my Free Social Media Calendar PDF to help you post everyday and get more ideas!!!

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