Business Ideas for Moms

If you’re a mom who is thinking about trying the online business world  I would like to give you some tips and encouragement what to be looking for before you make a decision!

 I wish I had this tips when I when I first started my business. I would’ve loved for someone to share them with me.

A few questions to ask are:

  • Is the Company Well-Capitalized?
  • What is the startup costs to join the business?
  • Is there any monthly fees, if so how much? Some companies have auto-ships that cost up to $100!
  • Is there a website that you have to pay for monthly ? There are companies out there don’t don’t change for your website.
  • Is There a Genuine Need for the Product or Service?
  • Does the Marketing System Take Full Advantage of Technology?
  • Will You Have Fun?

What company do you represent?

Now I can’t recommend a company for you but I would encourage to think about what your interest are. What are you into? What will get you excited about to start sharing with your audience about. There are so many companies out there. Various areas of industries are:

  • Beauty-Skincare/Makeup
  • CBD Oil
  • Health has so many, vitamins protein shakes, daily products too many to mention
  • Travel
  • Help Recover your credit
  • Candles
  • Jewelry
  • Purses
  • Leggings

Definitely pick something that peaks your interest.

Attraction Marketing

Learn how not to be a Spammy Sally, constantly just posting you product. Most beginning business owners are taught to show their flash sale, buy one get one free sale. I know when I first started this industry I will totally admit that is what I did. However, I was not comfortable with that. I wanted to find another way how to show my products and share information. I loved what I was using but I knew there had to be a better way to promote my products. That’s when I learned about branding myself, giving value, and education. When you utilize these tips people come to you. This is part of attraction marketing strategies.

Don’t look like you’re just a spammer. You want to be an educator of your offer. Show how you can solve someone’s problem. Whether it’s products or service. I would recommend for you to to take the time to review various types of companies and their benefits. Do your own research but definitely ask questions.

Don’t be Spammy Tammy!

Look for a company that does not encourage cold messaging or spammy products daily on social media. One major plus to consider is if the company you are looking at, utilizes attraction marketing groups? This will help take the pressure of you when you are new. You invite prospects to these groups, tag them post within the groups. This is how they get product and business information. That is a big help when first getting started.

One thing for me on this journey just to share a little bit about me is I was already buying so many products from different companies I finally found one company that I can buy everything that I’m utilizing for me and my family at one shop.

We’re all moms we all struggle and we’re trying to figure out what’s the best for our families. If you would like to know more what I do I would love to connect with you. I love meeting new people.

Below is my full video on this tips. If you get value please subscribe to my channel and like my video. I would greatly appreciate it.

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