Productive Ideas To Do During Social Distancing

I recently did a FB live asking this one question? 🤔

What are you doing during these free time?

I know it can be hard to find the motivation to keep working towards your goals. I am here to say this situation won’t be forever. However the work you choice to do can last a life time. I want to share in this blog some productive ideas you can do at home during quarantine. This can help you with progress when you have always put things on hold when you say I don’t have the time.

Currently you have the time and can make he best of it. Right now is not the time to sit around and binge watch your favorite show and eat snacks. Set some goals for yourself and start implementing the steps. Set your future for a blessed progress.

I encourage you to pick up one thing you wanted to start.

■Start to work out
■Start a Pinterest course

■Start a YouTube course

■Start your very own Blog

■Go Live for the first time

■Start a new social media platform

■Learn to repurpose content to save time
■Find a online business

Whatever it is pick something that you have been putting on hold.

If you would like to know what I have been doing during this time feel free to connect. Let’s chat.

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