Best Casual Dresses on Amazon

Today I went live on my Facebook Page and did my first try on haul. I shared the best casual dresses on Amazon. I selected a few dresses and shared them with my audience. I was super excited to do this because I don’t own […]

Social Media Content Ideas

Do you ever wonder what the heck am I am going to post today on my social media feed?  When in doubt you might not even post because you are lost what to post.  Can you relate to any of these frustrations when coming up […]

How To Be A Successful Single Mother

My story of How to be a successful single mother. My name is Kristeena Torres. This is my story of how being a single mom who needed more for my family and how I started in the online space.  As a single mom, I was […]

Mom Burnout

A Mom’s Burnout Journey and Tips Are you tired of the mom burnout? As a mom, I have always lacked energy, and sleep, and struggled to lose weight. Having my first child so young a son, my young body went right back into shape.   Having […]

Pinterest Strategy for Beginners-Holiday Marketing

Pinterest Strategy for Beginners In this blog, I am sharing a Pinterest Strategy for Beginners-Holiday Marketing with you. Do you have a Pinterest Strategy for Beginners.? Did you know Pinterest is more then than finding your favorite recipe? You can utilize it for your online […]

Attraction Marketing Strategy

What is an Attraction Marketing Strategy and how can that help you in YOUR business? Attracting That’s why that word’s there… you’re going to attract your ideal client or customer, that is part of the attraction marketing strategy, but you also have to believe in […]

What to Look for When Joining a Network Marketing Business

Learn what to look for when joining a network marketing business. Hi guys, it’s Kristeena Torres, welcome!  I am hoping to inspire online busy boss moms with business tips, specializing in utilizing videos along with wellness and lifestyle. Today I wanted to give some information […]

How to change your mindset

In today’s blog, I’m going to share tips on how to change your mindset. These tips will help you with your business and life in general. First Tip:  The first tip I want to share is one thing that I implemented into my daily life. […]

How to post on social media to find customers

Tips how to Attract Customers to Your Business How to post on social media to find customers. I share 5 tips to attract people to your business. In this video, I share 5 tips on how to attract people to your business. These tips will […]

Business Ideas for Moms

In this blog I am sharing business ideas for moms. If you’re a mom who is thinking about trying the online business world  I would like to give you some tips and encouragement what to be looking for before you make a decision! I wish […]