Valentine’s Day Inspo

Here are various items for Valentine’s Day Inspo or even gift your daughter, sister, mom, or best friend. Which one will be your favorite? No matter if you are single or with a spouse you can still get that Valentine’s Inspo and get dolled up. […]

Caption Ideas for Social Media

Do you struggle with creating captions for your daily post? When you create content do you feel that your audience is not responding? Knowing the right formula will help you develop the habit to show up with a message that gets attention. My 90-Day Social […]

Creative Ways to Attract New Customers

If you are in the online space and wonder how to find creative ways to attract new customers, I am going to be completely honest with you; it’s not by always showing your products or services.  Or sharing the sale.   You really have to […]

Best Skincare for Aging Skin

Aging Skin Tips 101 In this blog, I share best skincare for aging skin.  Let’s start with the basic 101 skincare routine. The main products I encourage you to utilize daily are: cleanser, toner, and AM moisture.  I would also highly recommend a night cream.  […]

Daily Method of Operation Template

I share a simple Daily Method of Operation Template in this video and blog. This may be for busy moms and women in social selling. I highly encourage a working plan or schedule to get things done daily for your business. Are you wondering how […]

Younique Collagen Shot

In this blog, I share about the Younique Collagen Shot. I finally came across a product that has really worked for me. Now of course to get the needed results you do have to be consistent and make changes. For example a skincare routine and […]

Self Confidence Message

Confidence Help I created a group to help empower busy moms like me. I hope this self-confidence message helps you. You might have lost yourself throughout the journey of being busy moms and women. I became a single mom when my kids were little and […]

Teacher Gift Guide

Here is a fun simple teacher gift guide. As a former teacher and currently a school counselor, I wanted to make suggestions for gifts for teachers.  These suggestions can be all year round, for holidays and teacher appreciation days.  There are always certain essentials teachers […]

Summer Essentials List

Hey my friend I want to share with you these affordable summer essentials list. Suggested items are from Amazon & my favorite online beauty one-stop shop.  There are always certain essentials we need for the summer.  The best thing is that these are all affordable. […]

Gift Guide for Her Amazon Dresses

Today I want to share the Best Dresses Gift Guide for Her Amazon Dresses. Summer is finally here and who doesn’t love dresses?? Am I right?  Throughout the last year in my journey, I have felt more confident than I have in a long time!! […]